Friday, November 26, 2010

We Never Fell In Love, But Grew In It

I saw, I liked, I never loved

Time spent together, attraction is what I felt

Attraction felt, lead to sexual desires

Yet, still I never loved, but liked

Days, weeks went by

Thought it was time to let you go

Heart never agreed, I tried, but still

More time spent with you, I liked you a lot

Few months later, You told your past

Anger I felt, but never wanted to leave

Then, I realized, I grew in love with you

I can handle anything you bring my way

Your thoughts, laughter, presence was and still is great

In your eyes, great loving future is what I see

Saying I love you never had so much meaning

Everyday I’m growing in love with you more

Yes, when we met, I liked you

Then liked you a lot

Finally grew in love with you

And now, life without you will be half lived

Without you, I will be half a man, for

With you, my wife, I am complete

Written by Deejay growing inlove